Camphill School

Camphill School Aberdeen is a school and training centre for children and young people with complex additional support needs and offers day and residential places over 3 campuses. As well as school and residential buildings there are many craft and life skills development workshops, a farm and a pool and gym. Camphill School employ over 250 staff and have an additional 60 volunteers working with them.

The Challenge

Camphill were struggling to find health and safety consultants able to offer a bespoke service that met their needs and understood their unique provision. Their objective was to develop a positive, proactive and sustainable H&S culture within the organisation.

They believed that the health and safety culture and attitude could be substantially improved across all of their services and although records were kept, there was a need for significant improvement in record keeping and auditing. As a result, instead of providing a stable backdrop to a better working environment for all staff, H&S was often seen as an annoyance or barrier to getting on with work.

The Solution

Over the last few years with the support and input from Safetynet Scotland Camphill School has seen a significant improvement in their H&S culture. They are now far more proactive than reactive on H&S issues and good H&S practice has become a central part of their operation.

Moving Forward

The hands-on support that Safetynet offers to the team at Camphill School and our ability to respond quickly when there are questions or issues around health and safety matters has been instrumental in helping Camphill develop a workplace where staff feel H&S helps them carry out their duties more effectively. They are also able to keep on top of record keeping and documentation as well as compliance auditing using the  Safetynet Online Management Portal. This means their health and safety management is now fully and accurately documented and up to date - and they can proactively respond to and act on H&S issues as they arise.

The team commented "Regulatory bodies are now confident our H&S practice and systems are well managed and accurately documented. Our staff H&S awareness and knowledge has improved significantly."