H&S Manager

H&S Manager is ideal for organisations who are looking for someone to manage their H&S obligations without the large expense of employing their own H&S manager.  These organisations:

  • Want regular on-site assistance with the implementation of risk assessments, safe systems of work, operational procedures etc.
  • Are higher risk because of numerous H&S issues and don't have the internal expertise to implement the systems required. They would have someone internally dealing with H&S but not necessarily qualified and who would have other jobs to do.
  • Want regular (monthly) support from a qualified expert.
  • Want a ready-made system that helps with the management of their safety systems, such as auditing, monitoring, measuring, reviewing and recording.
H&S Manager

What Level of Support am I Looking For?

"We have numerous H&S obligations placed upon us but don't have the internal expertise or time to deal with these effectively, we need someone to come in and manage the bulk of these obligations and ensure we keep on the right side of the law"

With the H&S Manager service our qualified experts regularly visit your site(s) and work with your nominated internal person to ensure effective systems and procedures are in place and being used correctly. Whether this is completing risk assessments or safe systems of work or carrying out workplace inspections, audits or procedural reviews, our experts can take the time consuming burden of H&S off your hands.
With regular visits (Monthly or more frequent if required) to your site, we can ensure that all your H&S tasks are implemented quickly and efficiently so that your staff are safe and your customers/suppliers have complete confidence in your commitment to H&S.

Protect Your Staff and Comply with the Law, with Ease

If you are feeling besieged by Health & Safety management and compliance, why not leave the majority of it to us? Choosing our comprehensive H&S Manager consultancy and management package will allow you to do exactly that. H&S will go from being a daunting task, to a hassle-free aspect of running your business. It can also grow with your business, as you progress and diversify.

A Fixed Cost Way to Demonstrate Full H&S Compliance

We understand that being a company with many employees brings with it considerable H&S accountability. With so many issues to address, it's little wonder that so many firms end up turning in desperation to independent consultants (who charge exorbitant fees). Don't do that; opt for H&S Manager instead. It covers everything. It is attractively priced, and there are no hidden or escalating charges to worry about.

All our packages include the following as standard:

  • Annual safety audit (carried out by a qualified expert – Minimum NEBOSH)
  • H&S Policy (updated annually)
  • Safety Action Plan (prioritised and written in layman's terms)
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Access to document templates (i.e. risk assessments, COSHH, DSE, Manual Handling, Site inspections etc.)

Plus access to the Online Safety Management System (OSMS) with:

  • Desktop access throughout the organisation
  • Central store for safety documentation
  • Email alerts for critical dates and deadlines
  • Legislation updates
  • Newsletters

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