Health and Safety Audits

We'll carry out an audit of your business against current UK safety law and guidance. It involves a detailed assessment of your company premises, procedures and working environment. The audit will provide you with a detailed report on areas of strength and weakness in your safety management systems and activities and is an excellent starting point from which to implement a robust safety management system.

The audit is either part of the standard packages we offer or can be carried out on a one off basis in and around the Aberdeen area.

Health and Safety Audits

The Action Plan

Once the audit is complete we produce a prioritised Safety Action Plan, detailing the levels of risk to your business as well as recommendations required to remedy the instances of non-compliance. The document is written in easy to understand layman's terms, so that employees do not need to be qualified in H&S to start implementing the required measures.

Guidance From Fully Qualified H&S Consultants

The audit is carried out by our qualified consultants, who will be able to guide you through the questions giving you a better understanding of what is required. For clients who undergo audits by their customers, we can sit in on these and assist with the various queries that arise, ensuring that the audit goes as smoothly as possible and also paints your business in a positive light.

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