Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Why do them?

Risk assessments are a legal requirement under many regulations and approved codes of practice. Failure to carry these out correctly can lead to prosecution and increase the risk to your employees.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

The Problem

Many companies fail to carry out risk assessments as they don't feel they have the correct internal expertise and in many cases end up burying their head in the sand, or if they do carry them out, they are concerned about their accuracy, content and level of detail required to comply with the law.

For those who do carry them out, many fail to bring them to the attention of their staff or indeed update them on a regular basis, another legal requirement.

The Solution

At Safetynet our qualified consultants work with you to ensure your assessments are "suitable & sufficient" and provide the adequate level of control measures designed to protect your employees and comply with the law.

By visiting your premises, anywhere in North East Scotland, and gaining an understanding of your business, we are well placed to ensure your risk assessments are adequate and where they aren't, we'll work with you to produce recommendations and a plan of action to help manage risk effectively in your business.

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