Caley Fisheries

A Comprehensive Health and Safety Package with Ongoing Support and Training

This Case Study demonstrates how the management of H&S of even a geographically dispersed organisation can be carried out effectively.

Using a combination of audits and risk assessments to identify areas of weakness, the benefits of a dedicated Safetynet consultant to work with staff at all sites, and the use of the Online Health and Safety Management system to ensure company-wide access to all the relevant and required H&S documentation and processes.

Where we were

Until we utilised the services of Safetynet we had a bit of a dilemma, we were a business spread over a large geographical area from North Shields to Ullapool and Oban as well as Aberdeen Peterhead & Fraserburgh and carried out tasks over multiple disciplines, from responsible fishing to fish landing, primary processing and international marketing. Specialist Caley divisions provide dependable local net making, ships chandlery and vessel preparation. This led us to believe we would need to utilise the services of a few different H&S firms up and down the country to help us out, however once we spoke to Safetynet, this was not the case.

We also had very little internal expertise in H&S matters and also struggled with the management of safety on a day to day basis, writing risk assessments and safe systems of work was quite a challenge, so we needed experts who could advise us on all our disciplines and the many challenges we faced.

What Safetynet did for us

Firstly they allocated us a dedicated consultant to look after ALL our sites, this really helped as it enabled him to understand the diversity of our business but gave us a single point of contact which we could discuss all our issues with, saving time and money on explaining processes to several consultants.

Secondly they got us organised, by carrying out an audit and identifying key areas of weakness we were quickly able to understand what was required to get us up to legal compliance and what resources we needed to implement the required action plans.

Whilst there were lots of points on the action plan we could do ourselves, the real benefit of using Safetynet was the hands on site support visits by our dedicated consultant to help us write the risk assessments and implement the trickier aspects that required a strong background in Health & Safety legislation and guidance.

To top this off we were provided with an excellent online safety management system (SMS), which not only told us what to do and when to do it, it provided a central store for all our safety documentation, as well as keeping an audit trail of our safety activity should anything go wrong and we need to defend ourselves against litigation. Due to the online nature of the SMS all staff now have access company wide ensuring the same up to date information is used by all.

Where we are now

We are in a much happier place. We now have peace of mind, safe in the knowledge we have systems in place and continue to receive the on-site support from our dedicated consultant who keeps us up to date with any changes and gives us a push if he sees anything slipping.

With the use of the Online Safety Management System it is now very easy for us to keep on top of our obligations as there is email reminders to tells us what needs done and what actions have come up from the audits.

The management also like the online tool as it allows them to log on and see what is happening at the remote sites and remedy any outstanding issues efficiently and cost effectively.